Last August, my cricket crazy son, Peter, aged 10, had the pleasure of attending the first UK Tendulkar Middlesex Global AcademyTraining Camp at a rather parched Merchant Taylors School. On the first day, he came home super excited, with a stylish training kit emblazoned with the Tendulkar logo. Peter has worn it proudly to his nets sessions all winter and even on our summer holiday.

Every time he wears the TMGA kit, strange things start to happen… Grown men come up to us in rapture at airports, restaurants or even on the tube and start to recount their very own Sachin anecdote. Where they were when they first saw Sachin play, who he was playing, how many runs he scored and many, many nostalgic details about the stadium, the crowd what they felt at seeing Sachin play at Lords, in India, in Sri Lanka, in Pakistan… One day, a cheery South African man, related Sachin’s last testimonial match at Lords and how the whole stadium had stood up; the applause had gone on and on as his cricket hero walked off into the hallowed pavilion. Peter turned to me and whispered, “I want something like that, Mummy.”

Coming back from the camp last summer, my son rushed into our local newsagents to tell the equally cricket crazy brothers about his very own, face to face Sachin story. During the Q & A workshop that day, Sachin had asked the boys if they had any questions about their own performance. Up went Peter’s hand like a rocket, “How can I make my batting more consistent?” Calmly, Sachin explained that he always used to keep a diary whilst he was training and record his batting scores and what shots he had used, he added that he had done the same after matches too.

When Peter had finished his anecdote, the shop owners gaped at each other that broke into broad grins. “You must try it Peter!” and one of the brothers strode over to the stationary shelf and gave my son a black exercise book to record his batting scores. “You record them. It worked for Sachin, maybe for you too. When you open for Middlesex, we will be there.” 


Anyway, the cricket season has arrived, and Peter has kept the diary up all winter. In addition, he records how he felt after each match, as well as noting his wickets each over, and even though the book is looking rather dog-eared, he has managed to start the season for his club as opening batsman and opening bowler, scoring a wicket on his first throw, so let’s hope the diary does the trick for his next match…

Kind regards,


Donna, Peter's Mum

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